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Serve Diligently For The Sake Of Reward

The message speaks modesty and caution to both leaders and followers. The biblical proof in the books of Ephesians 6 vs. 7 – 9 and Matthew 6 vs. 24 clearly buttresses the need for modesty and caution. Wiseman Daniel teaches all to value the processing more than the end result as there are lots of hidden treasures on the way to the throne. There is a time to serve and a time to reap the rewards of being a true follower. There is a time to walk with the Lord and a time to march for Him.

Wiseman Daniel teaches that in the University of God, there is no double promotion. You have to take each course because each course serves a purpose. Trust the processing, as God speaks through each experience. We mature in Christ through our daily experiences. Give God time and trust the process, for it is truly rewarding to wait on the Lord.

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