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The Prophetic At Work

Mr. Princewell and his sister Deborah were both located by the Spirit of God on the prayer line. Mr. Princewell received a word of prophecy from Wiseman Daniel of The ELOHIM that he sees a crown suffering because of the spirit of lust. He confirmed it to be true that during his time in the University, he had a group of friends with whom they all go clubbing and do all sorts. In his words the spirit of lust affected him greatly as he could no longer concentrate on his studies.

His sister on the other hand also received a word of prophecy concerning the excruciating pain she always experience on her waist and that it is a problem with the females in their family. They both were prayed for by Wiseman Daniel of The ELOHIM and they are here to testify to their perfect freedom in Christ. Mr. Princewell added he received the dew from Heaven, prayed with it and ministered it and the spirit of lust in his life is a thing of the past as he can now concentrate, pray and study the word of God.

His sister Deborah also testified the waist pain that has affected her greatly and hindered her from tending to her business is a thing of the past after the prayers offered in the name of Jesus by Wiseman Daniel of The ELOHIM.

God has indeed visited the Ode family.

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